Winter Has Arrived (And I Feel Fine)

First snow this year, Oct. 21, 2014

So, it’s been a really long time, hasn’t it? My saying this is getting to be a habit, I know, but as I’ve mentioned, it has somehow seemed more complicated to write about life here in Iceland now that I don’t always want to follow the phrase “my life” with the phrase “here in Iceland.” Most of the time it’s just “my life” full stop, and while that is frequently full of amusing and/or culturally-observant anecdotes, I feel a bit strange just telling The Internet about my ho-hum, everyday comings and goings. But I do miss you, Internet! Suffice to say, I’m not gone, I’m just working a little harder to come up with super good content.

Oh, and yeah, it’s been all kinds of busy. For one, this semester I’m taking a graduate level course in Old Icelandic, which has provided a really interesting point of comparison with my modern language studies. And we’re getting to not only read medieval Icelandic texts in the original old Icelandic (a challenge, I assure you), but also translate them word by word, both for the overall meaning, and on a word-by-word syntactic level. This is, interestingly enough, my favorite class this semester—surprising to me because I’ve never had a really burning desire to learn Old Norse-landic and have also no aspirations to being anything even close to a medievalist. But this has been really great.

In addition, I’m taking a contemporary literature class in which we’re reading novels for kids and adults, as well as reading poetry, watching films, and even going to see a play soon. Because of this class, I’m now on my third read of Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir’s The Greenhouse (I wrote a couple of book reviews which are at the bottom of that link’s page), which I adore, but this time, I actually read it in Icelandic, which was satisfying. I’m also taking a phonology class that, being truthful, I’m really not wild about, subject-wise, and a language usage class which has proven pretty helpful.

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Then I edited a novel, proofed a Bachelor’s thesis and a book catalog and a bunch of other stuff, wrote a cover story for The Grapevine, got to take a quick trip to visit two friends in London and Madrid, respectively, returned to sea swimming—this time with willing company (yay!)—and am also still child-wrangling and attempting to get to a point where the kids don’t every so often have to translate what I mean to say to each other with a sigh of (literally) “yeah, she doesn’t speak very well…”

So yes, busy, busy. But nicely enough, where I started the semester a bit glum and overwhelmed and less-than-enthusiastic (it happens to the best of us), I now feel actually rather good. Even though we got our first snow a before the end of October and winter is now, for sure, upon us. So with this huge bout of energy, I am going to try and promise, Internet, to return more frequently, with more news, and hopefully, more interesting news than just a recap of all-things-Larissa, as above. (Which, see? The ‘this is my life’ version of this blog is, perhaps, less fun.)

Sjáumst for now, but I’m here, and I’ll be back soon.


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