Second Languages Around the World

An interesting infographic via MoveHub, as reposted by GalleyCat, showing the most popular second languages around the world.

I’m not totally sure that I love the logic that GC employed when presenting this, namely the bolded text here (disapproving emphasis mine):

While it is important to think about the first language in a foreign country, you may also want to consider that people in other countries might be willing to read your book in a language that is not their mother tongue. After all, many foreign nationals speak and read more than one language.

Movehub has created an infographic highlighting the second most common language for many countries around the world. This image can help you figure out if you need a translation at all. After all, it might be a lot of work to translate your book into Swedish, and many Swedes can read in English.

Well. Wah, wah, wah. I do protest.

EuropeSecondLanguageBut still: interesting—check out the list of most-spoken second languages at the bottom of the infographic, too.

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