Fun Reads for Friday

I know I’m biased, but I think that I’ve had some pretty fun articles and news stories published in the last month or so, and since it is Friday and many of you with office jobs are maybe casting around the internet for articles to distract yourselves with, I might as well oblige. For your perusal, I present:

Thirty Semifinalists Chosen For Most Beautiful Icelandic Word

My personal favorite from this list, in which there are many excellent options, is “gluggaveður,” or window-weather. Basically, weather that is nice to look at from out of your window, but not nice to be in: a very appropriate word for Iceland.

Photo by Matt Eisman, via Reykjavík Grapevine

Pancakes and Petticoats: Getting to Know Iceland’s Elegant Gothic Lolitas

“When I ask how they get their skirts to be so poofy, all three women stand up, as if on cue, and lift their skirts to display ornate petticoats and bloomers. “This is the only time you’ll see Lolitas do this type of thing,” Aino laughs. ‘If someone has a really good poof, sooner or later, there’ll be a Lolita peeking up her skirt.'”

Police Seek Assistance in Finding Birthday Money

Another of those “only in Iceland” stories.

Vinaborgir: Reykjavík’s BFFs Around the World

Reykjavík’s sister cities, personified. (Due credit to Mark for the excellent idea.)

On Top of the World: Iceland’s Happiness by Numbers

In which I sort through the many, many different happiness/peace/prosperity indexes and see how Iceland rates.



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