Kókó Confessions

This snowboarding cat loves Christmas. And chocolate milk.

This snowboarding cat loves Christmas. And chocolate milk.

Something strange has happened to me since I came to Iceland. Well, actually, it just happened in the last two days, because I have been actively resisting this since I arrived.

Are you ready, guys? Confession time.

I have started drinking chocolate milk.

If that doesn’t sound strange to you, let me firstly say that, historically speaking, I have been neither a huge fan of chocolate (minus brownies, Ferrerro Rocher on Christmas, and peanut butter cups) nor do I really like milk. I find the latter exceptionally helpful for cooking, and very useful in getting my coffee the right color in the morning, but boy, oh boy, do I hate the taste. And the smell.

But here’s the thing: Icelanders love kókó mjólk. Love it. Chocolate milk boxes are stocked in bulk in the grocery store, people sip it in class. Slender ladies have it at lunch, burly dudes think nothing of gulping it down while hanging out with friends.

There is a delightful commercial that plays in the movie theater, where chocolate milk splashes luxuriously over ice in a tall glass (doubly amusing because ice is really not a thing here…)

I found a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of this commercial, which is almost better than the commercial itself, and will definitely give you the gist:

I’ve resisted the chocolate milk madness with relative ease, given the above-mentioned preferences. But then I walked into the cafe at school yesterday and noticed that they had started selling kókó mjólk with the Christmas packaging. And it was so darn cute and I was jonsing for a chocolate infusion with my lunch (because: Iceland). So I decided to opt for the “healthier” option, and give the chocolate milk a go, instead of getting a chocolate bar.

And it was great, guys. Not too milky, not chalky, not too sweet. No major aftertaste. This can only mean one thing: doom. Because it’s kind of addictive.

I’ve already had two boxes in two days. And I want more. Much more.

2 thoughts on “Kókó Confessions

  1. My (Icelandic) boyfriend is obsessed with Kókómjólk and it just cracks me up. Again — how silly to see a macho guy with a little drinkbox with an image of an anthropomorphic cat on it.

    He likes the “sykurskert” option, so if you’re feeling guilty about seemingly having dessert with a meal, try that kind with less sugar — I see it at Bónus all the time, right beside the regular version.

    Meanwhile, as for me, I’ve never had Kókómjólk because I’m lactose intolerant (although the drinkboxes claim that most milk sugar has been removed from the final product…but I’m wary of this!). However, I was so pleased to discover that just a mere month or two before I arrived here in August, MS had started producing “laktósafrí léttmjólk” — which is an exciting option for me, and others, in a culture which revolves so much around dairy products! 🙂

    • I saw the lactose-free MS milk recently, and was also pleasantly surprised. I don’t have trouble with dairy products, but I think it is good to see the market expanding a bit. And good idea about the less sugar version–I’m on my third or fourth box now, so it’s probably time to start looking into that option.

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