It’s Baaacon!

My heart is bursting with joy. I made it through my first week of school and new job, I have two lovely friends flying into Reykjavík for a couple days tonight (on their way to Amsterdam–I’m only a teeny bit jealous), and Iceland has now bestowed me with an ideal opportunity to post the video for a commercial which, I’m only kinda-sorta ashamed to say, is very near and dear to my heart.

Right, Larissa. That is a totally awesome and hi-larious commercial. But what does it have to do with Iceland?

I’m so glad you asked. Because tomorrow is the Reykjavík Bacon Festival! (Take a look at that page for yet another awesome and rather epic bacon-related video.) I missed this, and other awesome food holidays, last year. I think it was scheduled at the end of August last year? Not sure. And I’m honestly not sure if I will get to experience the Bacon Festival tomorrow, as Mark doesn’t eat it anymore and our friends may want to do something more uniquely Icelandic than walk around eating free bacon (although, now that I say that, walking around and eating free bacon does actually sound rather Icelandic). But at least this year, I will know that it is happening and can make informed choices.

Maybe I will sneak over to Skólavörðustígur for some free bacon before we go do something healthy, like hike Esja finally…

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