For the love of Ducklings…

Don’t feed the birds on Tjörnin this summer!

Image from the website “Yacht Pals,” from an article titled, perhaps ironically for this current purpose, “Why I Feed Seagulls.”

Per the City of Reykjavík website:

Duck eggs are hatching and ducklings can be seen with their parents on the lake Tjörnin. In coming weeks, the ducklings will be growing in numbers. Therefore we ask people not to feed bread to the birds on the pond at this sensitive time of the year.

The Gull is the main bird of prey in Reykjavik and it likes the bread and other food crumbs. At the same time they also pick up and eat newly hatched ducklings or small ducklings swimming around the pond. So please help us to protect the little ducklings by not feeding the birds at the pond Tjörnin during summertime, as food attracts the gulls and this does not benefit the ducks nor their ducklings. It is of the utmost importance to not give bread in June and July while the ducklings are still blossoming.


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