It’s the final countdown.

Last five days in Reykjavík until August! That means:

  • Getting the Little Free Library installed (hoping against hope for this one to come together in the last days!)
  • Submitting visa renewal paperwork
  • Packing for our months in the US
  • Packing away our winter clothes and miscellany for the summer
  • Saying goodbye(s)!
  • Finishing freelance writing projects
  • Returning all my library books

Etc. etc. etc.

This seems as good an excuse as any to revisit this, which sounds/looks a lot like I feel right now:


3 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown.

  1. Hello! I don’t remember how I ended up on your blog, but I’m pleased with the discovery, since I’m very interested in Iceland, and dream of going one day. I love to have a little and fresh insight on what’s going on there… so sad you are leaving for the summer! Will you keep on posting about Iceland (even from afar) this summer? Anyways, I certainly will be around… ps: I once had an eye on the Icelandic language program… I love languages too!

    • Hi, Marie-Josée–thanks for your message! I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the posts and although I will probably not be posting quite as much long-distance, I do plan on keeping updates going as I’m able to. Maybe interesting news and also some language-learning items as I try to keep up my skills from afar! And I have some posts to catch up on that I haven’t written yet, so that should be useful.

      How interesting that you had thought about the Icelandic program yourself. What languages do you study or speak?

      • Hello again Larissa, thank you for answering! I well understand why you won’t be able to post as often during the summer, but I’ll be around, and will be happy to learn about the Icelandic language, and have some occasional news.

        To answer your question, my first language is French (I’m Québécoise or French Canadian if you prefer). I studied Spanish for about a decade, in high school, pre-university and university, and learned Portuguese as well in university. I studied english in school, as everyone here, but studied in English for two years in the pre-university level. I saw you also speak Spanish… any other languages? What about Icelandic, how is it? A real challenge, I suppose!

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