Very Satisfied

Cartoon of Eyþór Ingi, via Reykjavík Grapevine

Today’s Vísir has a front page video interview with Eyþór Ingi, who seems like a really charming fellow. In the interview—which I got the gist of, but not well enough to really break down for you—he says that he’s very satisfied with his Eurovision experience, and well he should be, really. It was a strong performance and the first time that Iceland sang in Icelandic in 16 years (fun fact: the last time they did was in 1997, the last year that countries were obligated to sing in their native languages, and the competitor was Páll Óskar). They placed 17 in the competition (no thanks to Denmark, I might add, who seems to have missed the ‘neighbors support neighbors’ memo and traded Iceland a lousy one point for the maximum 12 that we gave to them…you can see that I did actually get into this…). Anyway, Eyþór Ingi says that 17 is a good position, that he sang a good song, and most sweetly, that now, after all the time he’s spent on this that, “Ég á frí, ég á frí,” or, “I am free, I am free!”

If you still need some Eurovision closure, or would like some more background on the contest, the context for it here in Iceland, or this year’s competitor, see here:

Eurovision Turns Icelanders Into Monsters(Interview with Eyþór Ingi)

Seamen ‘Outraged’ by Eyþór Ingi’s Music Video

Haffi Haff’s Favourite Eurovision Outfits


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