April Flashback: Off-Venue Artsiness, or: Sequences, Part II

Yesterday, I finally got around to starting my recap of the really amazing Sequences art festival that Mark and I went to in early April. It was getting to be a rather long post though, so we left off after I finished talking about some of the really amazing art that was part of the official Sequences lineup. But there’s more!

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Apart from the official Sequences exhibitions, there were also a great deal of off-venue shows and events being held throughout the duration of the festival. I was, for one, really taken with the work of Sigurður Árni Sigurðsson whose work was on display in the main hall of Hverfisgallerí, a new art gallery which just opened in February. (See above.)

Mark and I were also especially eager to go to an art party/exhibition put on by the collective Vinnslan. Mark had found one of the collective’s flyers soon after we first arrived in Reykjavík, but we had already missed that party. But this time, we were able to make it out to Seltjanarnes to the Norðurpóllinn theater where the event was being held. (Good thing, too, because they are moving venues next time.)

The Vinnslan party was exactly what I’d expected an Icelandic art collective party to be, which was pretty great. There were many different rooms in which various kinds of musical performances were going on. There was also, of course, art on the walls and in various other creative spaces (in a kitchen, in a hidey-hole under the stairs). We were asked to have our pictures taken wearing party hats and playing with balloons by a photographer, but instead of being allowed to leave through the door we came in, we were instead sent down a winding stairway to a locker room where a band (including a drummer who sometimes only mimed playing and a man with an upright bass) was playing in what looked to be the shower. It was a lot of fun and I would have liked to stay longer, but alas, the buses were about to stop running and it would have been a looong walk back to Reykjavík. But I did take some photos (some a bit blurry because of the low light):

After such a good experience this year, I hope we’ll be able to check out the next Sequences festival in 2015, and certainly the next Vinnslan party.

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