Happy Cinco de Mayo from Iceland!

On Friday, I finished my very last exam and unless something really strange happened that I was not aware of–like, I forgot all of my Icelandic entirely and started writing in Spanish in my tests–I will have a certificate in Icelandic as a Second Language in very short order. And that definitely feels good.

And what better way to celebrate finishing this year’s Icelandic triumphs than with a good, ol’ traditional Icelandic Cinco de Mayo Partý?

No way, I say!

One of our Fulbright friends has moved into a new garage apartment for her last month in Iceland, so besides Cinco de Mayo (celebrating what military victory, everyone? Mexico’s victory over Spain? NO! Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. Now you know.), we also had a house to warm, aaaand, as I discovered late in the day, May 4th is also Star Wars Day, which is a holiday of great import to another friend of ours. That is quite a lot to cover in one partý, but I think we managed with aplomb.

I made horchata and stuffed peppers/zucchini, our friend Lindsay (from Texas) made chili, Tenley made two batches of mini enchiladas (chicken and cheese) with homemade tortillas!!! and (cookie) bars (because they are just delish), Patrick made an enormous quantity of guacamole and mango salsa, and to cap everything off, our resident Star Wars enthusiast, Þór, made probably the world’s most awesomely thematic cake ever:

Cinco de Mayo C-3PO Cake

A sugar-skull C-3PO cake.


Oh, and we also were able to approximate margaritas, thanks to the Gila Tequila kindly gifted to us by our departing friends from New York (thanks again, Ted and Melissa!) and the ominously clear, but cheerfully be-hatted Sierra tequila rustled up in Reykjavík. No triple sec, but we improvised with a lot of lime juice and a smidgen of OJ. Not too shabby, really.

And then, today, actual Cinco de Mayo, was just amazingly beautiful (still is, actually). Sunny and warm enough that I did not have to wear either one of my scarves (I am generally a two-scarf lady, no matter what).

We’re not quite at the finish–Mark has student papers to grade and his own to finish editing and I have a final presentation to give at Fulbright–but for the time being, everything certainly looks rosy.

So feliz Cinco de Mayo, everyone. I know it’s not actually a major holiday, but I always enjoy a good margarita to welcome the coming of spring, and that seems all the more ideal here in Iceland.


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