The Saga of Carl Carlsson: Upcoming Iceland-Themed Simpson’s Episode

Scene from “The Bob Next Door,” which aired in May 2010. Still via News of Iceland

I sure hope I can catch this when I am back in the US (or maybe RÚV wil air it?): The Simpson’s is set to close its current season with an Iceland-themed episode called “The Saga of Carl Carlsson.” Per The Reykjavík Grapevine:

Fans of the show will get a double-dose on May 19 as two back-to-back episodes will end the season. One episode will be entitled ‘The Saga of Carl Carlsson’, named for Homer Simpson’s colleague at the nuclear power plant and drinking buddy, who also happens to be an African-Icelander.

In this episode, Homer, Carl, Lenny and bartender Moe win a lottery jackpot together and plan on splitting it, but Carl decides to make off with the money and heads to Iceland. The other three won’t let him get away with it though, and will embark on a journey up north.

And as a double incentive for those of you who are Sigur Rós fans, apparently, the episode will also feature one of the band’s songs which was composed especially for the episode. Per another Grapevine article:

…the original piece by Sigur Rós weighs heavily into the episode, which also features the band’s members drawn as characters. A Sigur Rós cover of the Simpsons theme song by Danny Elfman is also in the cards.

The episode–which is not the first Iceland-related Simpson’s episode, by the by–is set to air on May 19th. So mark your calendars and set the VCR TiVo, and someone invite me over for a viewing in June!

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