Happy Sunday

We’ve had a crazy run of weather here in Reykjavík. Last week, it was briefly warm enough to go out without socks and only wearing a jean jacket. Which is what I did, only to find myself looking out of the library window a few hours later at a thick blanket of snow on the ground. Then the snow melted, and the sun came out. Then it snowed again…Yesterday we basically got all at once: it was sunshiney and rather mild out, then it started hailing (still sunny), then it got dark, started snowing, and then got sunny again (but kept snowing).

Today, it is beautiful–crisp and bright and sunny–and I am enjoying the view and the light from my kitchen while I study for my second oral exam tomorrow morning.

So here is a bright and optimistic song (“Happiness is here”) for a bright and sunny day. Let’s hope the optimism carries through tomorrow’s exam!

(I think you’ll all be happy to know that the song is by Jónas Sigurðsson and Ritvélar framtíðarinnar, which translates, I believe, to “Future Typewriters.” Great name for a band, right?)


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