57 Days and Counting

Happy April, everyone—I can hardly believe we’re here already. This means not only the start of a lovely, sunny spring here in Reykjavík (one of the sunniest in years, I’m told) but it is also, not to get all doom-and-gloom sounding, the beginning of our last two months here in Iceland. Until we come back in late August, that is. But in 57 days, there is a lot to be done. Shall we list? (List! list!)

  • Six finals, including two oral exams my Speech & Pronunciation class (one 5 minute group presentation—about cats—which we will be giving next week; one conversational group test in which three students have to speak together on one of a few general topics which is randomly selected on test day), two written tests for my Vocab and Self Study classes, and a paper—on vampires—for the undergraduate English class on vampires which I enrolled in for fun.
  • Two pending articles for The Reykjavík Grapevine
  • One book review of an Icelandic book for a literature website
  • File for a tax extension!
  • Presentation about this year’s experience for the Fulbright Commission, which I would really like to do at least part of in Icelandic
  • And oh yeah, that whole Little Free Library Reykjavík thing, which is well-underway, and yet has a lot further to go before it will be done…
    • Permits still pending for installation
    • Unit has been painted, but still needs to be put together (this week!)
    • Final book selection needs to be culled (this is going to be the really time-consuming part)
    • Extra books need to be distributed to people in Reykjavík to hold over the summer for restocking purposes
    • Gifts need to be sent out to contributors

And really, I can’t take any more listing, so I’m just going to leave it at that. A lot of the above will be enjoyable, and there are all sorts of enjoyable things that we’ll tuck in the midst of all these activities (more friends visiting! yay!), but still. Deep breaths, calm spirit, good attitude: þetta reddast.

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