The Sodden Circle

More photo recapping from February:

Mark’s dad R stayed with us for just about a week in February. On his last day, we wanted to take him to see some more sites outside of Reykjavík, and we thought that a day spent around the Golden Circle would be fun. And it was, but it was also wet and foggy and windy for pretty much the whole time, and it took roughly an hour just to get to the point where we could drive without the windows rolled down (the defogger on our rented VW Golf was pretty shoddy). So while Gulfoss and Geysir and Þingvellir are always pretty spectacular, they are, I admit, a bit harder to enjoy while completely sodden.

Nevertheless, I took some more photos (of course), some of which you can see below, and all of which you can see here, on the photo blog.


Gullfoss and Geysir:

My favorite part of this day, hands-down, was the outdoor picnic we had in Þingvellir Park on our way back towards the highway and then, the airport.


Picnic Time!

Mark had packed a picnic of pickled herring, spreadable cheese, smoked salmon and other tasty but rather aromatic picnic foods, thinking that we would be able to enjoy these at a nice picnic spot along the way. This would have been great on a less wet day, but as most picnic benches are uncovered, it was looking unlikely that we were going to be able to find ourselves even a moderately dry place to eat. And then, as luck would have it, we found a picnic table under a shelter just at the edge of Þingvellir park. Two of the seats were dry, and we had our trusty reusable Bónus bag to sit on for the damp spot. And while it was a bit nippy sitting outside, it was still pretty great.

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