Good will towards students

Last week, I lost my student bus card. I looked all over for it—scoured my pockets and my bags, even went back to all the places I had been the day I lost it (which, for the record, was a lot of places since I was running errands that day), but I didn’t find it. The nice bus driver I told about my missing card sent a message over the bus radio system asking if anyone had found my card: nothing. I called the bus station lost and found: nothing.

I gave it up for lost. But then!

Photo on 3-24-13 at 5.39 PM

This card came in the mail for me this weekend, along with my lost card. Blessings upon the nice employees at the Icelandic Health Inurance office: they found my student card and wanted to get it back to me, so they mailed it to my home address.

Pretty darn nice, eh?

Thank you, Iceland(ic Health Insurance Office Employees)!


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