Your Surprisingly Detailed, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Industry-Specific Icelandic Website of the Day

I was looking up vocab for an assignment (a dialog exercise related to grocery stores with a lot of meat/butchery terms) and ran across a term I couldn’t find in my trusty dictionaries: frampartur. I got the gist that this was a cut of meat (the “front part,” I believe it means), but again, I like to be precise when I can be, so decided to give it the Good Ol’ Google Image Search Try. Which immediately provided me with a confirmation that “front part” is basically right (no English equivalent yet, but okay). Where did I glean this information, you ask?

From The Meat Book: an informative (online) guide to/for/about the Icelandic Meat Industry:


If you have an interest in the Icelandic meat industry, butchery (hey, some people do), or actually, the skeletal-level biology of grazing mammals, you might want to give this website a visit. Apparently, it started as an industry guide in printed form, but they are taking advantage of new technology (the internet) to make the “book” available to anyone. Currently, you’ll find information about horse(meat), beef, pork, and lamb–interesting to note that some of the animals are introduced with a photo of the live specimen (lamb, pig) and some are not (horse, cow). There’s a little outline on the cover that seems to indicate that poultry will be added in the future, but it isn’t available yet.

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