Interview on Expats Blog

So, you may have seen an extra nifty “featured expat” badge on the sidebar of the blog for a bit now, but I figured I’d save the official “unveiling,” as it were, for today, when my interview with Expat Blog goes live. Expats Blog was the website that kindly bestowed Eth & Thorn with a gold medal for (Icelandic expat blogs) at the end of last year, so I was very honored to also be one of their featured interviewees. I actually enjoyed answering the questions, too–it gave me a chance to reflect on my time here a little more, in a way that I maybe hadn’t before.

So, if you haven’t heard me prattle on about Iceland and me-in-Iceland yet, head over to Expats Blog and check out the interview today. And while you’re there, I’d recommend taking a look at some of the other expat interviews, which are very interesting. I myself have enjoyed the interviews with Betsy & Dan (a couple who moved from Seattle to Taiwan after raising their kids), Heather (an international teacher in Vietnam), Susannah (British expat in Oaxaca, Mexico), Shelby (American in Georgia, by way of Thailand) and Adri (American expat who has lived in Hungary for 12 years), but there are lots of others of interest!


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