Ladies and Gents: Your 2013 Eurovision Contender

Well guys, it’s that time again. And by “that time,” I mean that the 58th Annual Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden will be in May 2013 (three months from now), and that, much like Christmas, I believe that Iceland will begin celebrating and/or pumping up for the event waaaay in advance. In order to do this, of course, we need an entry for the competition. So, I give you: “Ég á líf,” by Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson. (I am fairly sure that this title translates to “I have life,” or more poetically, “It’s My Life,” (no, not that one, and not that one, and not that one, either) but don’t quote me on this yet: I may be missing some verb-nuance.)

There’s not much about Eyþór in English yet–his current Wikipedia page is one line long–but from the Icelandic interweb, I can tell you that he was born in 1989, he’s from Dalvík, he has a background in musical theater (he played Riff Raff in a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Akureyri), and he’s been in several bands, not least a Deep Purple tribute band.

In anticipation of moving to Iceland–and therefore, being in/at least nominally a part of Europe, Mark and I watched the full Eurovision competition last year (held in Baku, Azerbaijan, for those of you who don’t remember). And, truth time, everyone: there’s a lot we probably didn’t/don’t understand about Europe yet.

(Super-secret truth-telling time: I wasn’t that big a fan of Iceland’s entry last year. Please don’t tell.)

But this year, I am hopeful that having absorbed the grand event that is Eurovision at least once before, and having lived in Iceland for the better portion of a year (by May, that is), we will be sufficiently prepared for Eurovision 2013.

It is absolutely beyond the shadow of a doubt that you Mark and I (and all of Iceland) will hear Eyþór’s song about eleventy billion times between now and May, so I will leave off on much song analysis at this time. However, I will say that I am pleased that the song is in Icelandic. A lot of the Eurovision songs last year–including Iceland’s–were in English. And while that makes sense from a global pop music marketability perspective, I thought one of the points of Eurovision was that pop music transcends linguistic comprehensibility. (In fact, not understanding the words is what makes some pop music bearable great, isn’t it?)

The added benefit of this song being in Icelandic is that in hearing it so many time from here to May, I’m sure I’ll absorb some lyrics and get some language-learning osmosis going on, right? Maybe I’ll try to translate the lyrics for you all, even. What fun for us all!

So what say you? Is this Iceland’s year?


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