It Does Actually Get Cold in Reykjavík

My sister just informed me that it has been colder in Arizona lately than it has been in Iceland (hey, sis!). While I will take this as a further confirmation of our weather system and natural environment’s increasing (and not normal) wonkiness, it also makes a certain amount of sense: Reykjavík is wet, wet, wet, and (all together now) extremely windy, and downright chilly sometimes. But overall, it is a rather mild climate. “Up North(west),” well–it snows pretty much all year, as far as I can tell.

But it does actually snow in Reykjavík, too, sometimes, which is rather magical. Pictures so you know it happened: Snow in Reykjavík in early January!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were all taken on my first day of class last week. I had to go into town to drop off my Icelandic scholarship renewal application (everyone cross those fingers and toes!) and then took a walk across the very snowy surface of the pond and around the university where there are some pine trees (rare in Iceland). One of my favorite sights of the day was the couple taking wedding pictures outside in the snow, the bride wearing her wedding dress which was definitely not weather-appropriate, but (if she didn’t look too blue in the pictures) probably made for lovely shots. I tried to get closer to them to take better pictures of them getting their pictures taken, but it wasn’t feasible without being creepy.


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