Hitting the Books: Some Test Time Vocab

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind (that’s world wind to some of you readers–you know who you are) around here lately, what with American holiday celebrations, the super awesome fun of having friends in town (our first guests! yay!), some fascinating cultural outings, and…oh yeah, exam time. So I have a lot of catch up to do, blog-wise.

But I’m taking a ‘brain break’ tonight (yes, that’s my coinage–I’m very proud) so that tomorrow, when I have no exams to speak of, I can bury my face in many books and flashcards and diagrams and not glaze over within the first hour. And it seemed apropos to post some of the more interesting vocab that I’ve come across in the last week or so, while preparing for my exams. (Rereading passages in the online program, going through workbooks, randomly discovering idiosyncratic words in the dictionary, etc.)

So here you have an entirely mixed list of interesting Icelandic words:

  • séríslenskur: uniquely, specifically Icelandic (I love this one)
  • snoppunga: to slap someone’s face (I also love this one: so specific)
  • yrkja: to write, compose poetry
  • mállýska: dialect
  • eftirsóttur: in demand, popular (I like this one because it looks like a flipped version of “sought-after,” which will make it easier to remember)
  • ánægður: pleased, satisfied, content
  • yfirgefa: to abandon, foresake
  • eyðibýli: deserted or abandoned farm
  • nýyerði: neologism (an example of a word I looked up in the Icelandic dictionary, only to then have to look it up in an English one)
  • dægrastytting: pastime, amusement
  • : to get, obtain, catch (as in ‘catch the bus’)
  • pínulítill: very small, little, miniscule (as in, ‘Ég tala bara pínulítið íslensku’: I speak just a tiny bit of Icelandic.)
  • áhríf: influence
  • sólarhringur: 24 hours
  • útivist: outdoor life, camping, hiking
  • sennilega: probably
  • stunda: to pursue, to cultivate
  • líkamsrækt: fitness training
  • jólafrí: Christmas vacation (this is a combo word, so I can’t prove it to you with a dictionary link–you just have to believe me)

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Books: Some Test Time Vocab

    • No indeed–I think I’m the only for whom that fake word has immense appeal. It seems so emphatic, if still incorrect.

      “World wind” is a family coinage. It indicates a really expansive, world-encompassing, hurricane sort of thing. Like a whirlwind, but bigger.

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