Ameriskir Dagur!

Just in time for Thanksgiving…

Perhaps you remember Hagkaup, dear readers, as the grocery store which featured an exceptional Halloween display with pumpkins. Based on further observation, however, I am now going to make the guess that this grocery store chain has an (un)official corner on the American holidays market in Iceland, to the point of possibly even creating new American holidays for wistful expats. I give you:

America Days!

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Perhaps in recognition of Thanksgiving, the Hagkaup has decorated its entire store for Ameriskir Dagur (American Days), a block of time in early to mid-November in which everyone–Americans and Icelanders alike–can appreciate the various personalities and food products which the United States proudly offers the rest of the world.  I can’t seem to find anything really clarifying on what American Days are–when they started, why they started, how long they last–but I can highlight some of the amazing things present in the Hagkaup right now. America(n Days) brings us:

  • Elvis, Elvis and more Elvis. There are like six cardboard cutouts of gold-suited Elvis all over the grocery store right now.
  • John Wayne and Barack Obama, flanking a giant display of Twizzlers and Peanut Butter M&Ms
  • All the red, white, and blue balloons in Iceland
  • American products–observe the bounty (a sub-list, yes):
    • Twizzlers
    • M&Ms
    • Boca Burgers (and Boca “beef” crumbles…)
    • TGI Friday’s frozen appetizers
    • Kale
    • Huge bottles of Coke
    • Pretzels and pretzel-tasting displays
    • Salsa
    • Huge bags of chips
    • Cool Whip

It’s always a delight to see how the US has really contributed to the world…

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