I met the ambassador!

See? There I am! I enjoyed a very nice coffee hour with American ambassador to Iceland, Luis Arreaga, and my fellow Fulbrighters on Thursday. He wrote a post about it on his blog here. It was a very interesting experience–everyone got the chance to explain their research here in Iceland, which was nice to hear again now that we’ve been here for awhile–and the ambassador is a very engaging, generous, and interested person.


4 thoughts on “I met the ambassador!

  1. It looks like you’ve taken this photo in, what I imagine to be, a domed eden, set among the snow, where inside is like a lost jungle paradise: great winged birds living harmoniously with giant purple lizards and humungous phosphorescent rodents; and where grows gargantuan tomatoes and blueberries as big as your head.


    • Nei, nei. I’ve very limited experience with the more adventurous aspects of Icelandic cuisine thus far. I was advised by one of my teachers to try horse the other day, though–“it will not kill you. It is very Icelandic.”

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