Disgruntled Baristas Take Note: The Angry Coffee

I’m a bit behind on this one, but it is too hilarious not to share. Per this October article in The Reykjavik Grapevine:

A coffee house in Akureyri has introduced a new type of coffee, which involves tossing it angrily onto the counter, with the intent of spilling it.

RÚV reports that at Kaffi Költ in Akureyri, you can order what is called “angry coffee”. Costing 50 ISK more than regular coffee, it is exactly the same as regular coffee in every way – except in its presentation.

As can be seen in the video of the RÚV article, angry coffee is served with the barista scowling. A cup is filled with coffee, and then it is brusquely thrown down on the counter, resulting in much of the drink spilling onto the counter.

Having worked in a coffee house myself for a brief time, and having known other baristas who had to deal with far more difficult customers, this idea appeals to me on a variety of levels. The fact that people are paying more to have their coffee thrown at them also just takes this to 11.

Have a vicarious Angry Coffee yourself–watch the RÚV video here.

2 thoughts on “Disgruntled Baristas Take Note: The Angry Coffee

    • Hmm…It would probably still work, but I’d guess that even with the lids on, most of the paper cups would just fall over completely and that this would be a lawsuit just waiting to happen in the US. Putting that aside, you’d miss out on the satisfying angry thump of the coffee mug on the counter if you used a paper cup. I think they are right to go all out with this–ceramic coffee mugs and all.

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