Tollbooths on the Border with Seltjarnarnes!

Election coverage starts in just under half an hour here–that’s 11:15 PM Iceland time. While many American expats in Reykjavík pose with the candidates (so obliging of Mister Romney and President Obama to fly to Reykjavík to share this special day with constituents here) at the American embassy’s fancy dress ball election night party, me and mine are camped out at home, in our comfy clothes, waiting to bring you, dear reader, moment by moment coverage of Iceland’s coverage of the United States’ 2012 Election Results. In the meantime, I give you the music video for the 2010 campaign song of Reykjavík’s Besti flokkurinn, or Best Party (renamed the Bright Future party in January 2012): “Simply the Best.” If you’re thinking, “hey–that’s a Tina Turner song,” you are right. But the lyrics were re-written in Icelandic, in celebration of some of the Best Party’s most cherished political platforms, including:

  • Free towels at all the swimming pools! (Ed. Note: Sadly, nothing has come of this promise so far…)
  • A polar bear at the Reykjavík Zoo!
  • Tollbooths on the border with Seltjarnarnes (Ed. Note: This is really funny, but I didn’t know that until I lived here. Seltjarnarnes is a neighboring township that is to the West of Reykjavík. The residential neighborhoods of Reykjavík’s Vesturbær and the start of Seltjarnarnes just bleed right into one another. It bears noting, however, that while you can use your Reykjavík City Library card to check things out of the Seltjarnarnes City Library, you cannot use your Reykjavík Swimming Pool Card to pay for entrance at the Seltjarnarnes pool. Or so I was told by an acquaintance who was told skeptically at the pool entrance: “That’s a city card–you’re in the country now.”)

So, without further ado, I give you 2010’s Best Party anthem (with English subtitles!). Let’s all get our priorities straight on election day!


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