American Election Results Broadcast Live in Iceland

If we Americans needed any more confirmation that people in other countries frequently pay more attention to what is happening in our political landscape than we do (not to mention more than we pay attention to happenings in their countries), let this be an additional reminder: RUV, Iceland’s National broadcasting network, will have live coverage of the US election results tomorrow, starting at 11:15 PM:

Watching the election results come in has been a nerve-wracking (and lengthy) event the last few times, so I am glad to have the additional elements to focus on this time around. I think it will be fascinating to see how the United States’ election is disseminated in Iceland (do they tap into an American station’s feed? are there subtitles? is there commentary?), so should you be curious as well, I’ll try to post semi-regular updates on the Icelandic coverage here as we all wait for the final results tomorrow night (morning for us…)

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