Tomorrow the World: The Skyr Invasion Begins

I recently waxed rhapsodic about the glories of Icelandic skyr, inspiring, it seems, quite a bit of interest among some of you gourmands in the states. I had mentioned Siggi’s skyr, a company which was started by an Icelander living in New York, but it seems that Americans are going to have more skyr options available now, including skyr imported by the Icelandic company According to this recent article in IceNews, “Icelandic Skyr launched across U.S. gourmet food chain The Fresh Market,”

Popular Icelandic dairy product Skyr has recently been launched across the U.S. in the gourmet supermarket chain The Fresh Market.

And who can we thank for this development?

Following a recent trip to Iceland, Australian actor Russell Crowe Tweeted “I seem to have left Iceland with an addiction to Skyr… can you buy it anywhere else in the world?” This could have helped launch the popularity of the dairy product outside of Iceland.

Well, ok, then. You can thank Mr. Crowe (and me, of course) because Whole Foods is now (or at least is going to be) carrying skyr. If you don’t have a Whole Foods near by (or want to see if skyr is going to be sold somewhere else, even), there is a whole “Where to Buy Skyr,” page on the website. This basically comes down to Whole Foods and a few Fresh Market locations in New York, but the website also has another suggestion for where to buy and try skyr: Iceland. Per the website:
“It is very easy to get to Iceland from North America or Europe. Any holiday here should include sampling the distinctive Icelandic cuisine!”
I’m not sure if trying skyr is going to be the motivating factor in anyone’s visit to Iceland, but it certainly is an excellent perk. At the very least, if you’re doing one of those Icelandair stopovers at Keflavík, you should buy a carton at the airport to eat during your layover.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow the World: The Skyr Invasion Begins

  1. Skyr is the number one food I miss when I return home from Iceland (I don’t really live there- except in my mind!) . There will be a Whole Foods opening near my house next year, hopefully it will have the same quality Skyr as the Icelandic kind.

    • is, as far as I can tell, one of the main brands of skyr in Iceland, so you should be in good shape when the Whole Foods open–you can do a comparison, perhaps, of the brand made in America and the Icelandic brand…

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