Branding in Translation

There’s something particularly compelling about product design and advertisements in another country. We’re all obviously familiar with being-sold-to, but how that’s actually gone about in other places feels very different somehow. The approach is recognizable, but just slightly skewed, and at least to me, in Iceland, feels slightly more innocuous for its novelty.

My favorite example of novel branding in Iceland thus far is Lambi: the distant adorable cousin of Snuggle and the Charmin Bears, Lambi sells a wide variety of paper products. (Although, full disclosure, Lambi is not an Icelandic brand–I believe it is based somewhere in Scandinavia and is sold throughout Northern Europe). Lambi sells several types of toilet paper, but the one which features the mascot–“an ambassador for a softer world“–in diving goggles and a snorkel, ready to jump in the ocean and tool around with the blue and green whales which are printed on the toilet paper itself, is obviously the best.

I have never felt so delighted at the prospect of being sold toilet paper.

If you’re sitting in a cubicle at work and have exhausted The Internet, I recommend that for giggles you head over the Lambi website, listen to the soothing yoga background music, and peruse the “Lambi Story.” For those of you with less time/more dignity, I’ll just give you a short sample of the message that these whimsically designed paper towels and toilet paper rolls are trying to convey to the world at large:

“The world today is cold. It’s filled with demands, stress and hard values. We need home and crave for love more than ever. Everybody deserves a loving place, a home filled with softness.

Let love and softness flow into your home. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with care. And always keep in mind that love is not only great words and fancy stuff. Love and caring lives in everyday actions, no matter how small they are–love is in the details.”

So there you have it. Love in the details and a fluffy little lamb in diving goggles. Now go hug someone.


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