Tea Time!

One of our new favorite rituals (at least once or twice a week) is tea time–right around 4:30 or 5:00, after I’ve been hard at work on grammar or spent a day running errands, and Mark is back from class for the day. The rose-adorned tea cups and saucers were already in the house, but my teapot has yet to make it here (for whatever reason, the US Postal Service website currently won’t take my money and let me pay for my package to be sent). So we’re improvising by steeping tea in the coffee pot, which is actually working rather well.

As someone who grew up in the desert, I never really drank tea in the English-fashion (civilized, you know, with milk). It was always fruit or citrus tea with lots of lemon juice for me. And I still love that. But for tea time, we’re taking a more traditional (and biscuit-friendly) route: black tea with milk and several kinds of cookies, naturally. The non-chocolate one above is an Icelandic cookie-cake which is filled with raspberry, but I don’t think it’s any sort of traditional pastry. It’s just tasty.

So, happy tea time, everyone. Go have yourself a cuppa.


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