Currently Listening To…Elly Vilhjálms og Einar Júlíusson

I had a very productive trip to the public library today–not only did I find the film version of one of my favorite Icelandic books, Halldór Laxness’ Under the Glacier (although I believe it’s actually Christianity Under the Glacier in Icelandic), which I didn’t even know existed, I also found a CD of (my favorite new Icelandic chanteuse) Elly Vilhjálms and Einar Júlíusson duets from 1978. I had never heard Einar Júlíusson, but I very much enjoyed an Elly Vilhjálms song that I heard in an Icelandic short film that Mark and I watched a week or so ago when he was doing his film festival write-ups. Anyway, what I can glean from Google Translate is that this may be one of the few albums which Elly sang on which has been re-released on CD. I’m not totally sure if that’s the case, but either way, this is making my morning. Even better, the CD case includes a lyric booklet, which means that I may be able to do as I did with Shakira albums in high school–translate all the lyrics and learn a lot of weird/interesting pop song vocab.

If you want to listen to some clips of the songs yourself, you can do so here. That site doesn’t have full songs streaming and I wasn’t able to find any of these duets on Youtube, either, but here is another awesome Elly song for your enjoyment:


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