An Anniversary

Today in my speech class I practiced the phrase “Við erum buín að vera á Íslandi í einn mánuð,” or “We have been in Iceland for one month.” This is quite apropos because Mark and I have, in fact, been in Iceland for one month. Til hamingju (congratulations), us!

To celebrate this occasion, I give you Silvia Night’s “Congratulations!” a very strange song which was Iceland’s entry in the 2006 Eurovision competition. Before you watch, though, I should explain that this song (and the comedic persona of Silvia Night) was intended as parody and wasn’t supposed to be taken as seriously as many/most of the (extremely earnest) Eurovision viewers did up taking it (you can hear the ‘boos’ in the video). Apparently, Silvia Night was a character on an interview-based comedy show which had the same ‘insult/offend/shock your guests’ approach as did, say, Ali G. It may not be your cup of tea (it’s often not mine), but there it is. So, til hamingju! Einn mánuð á Íslandi!

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