Celebrity Sighting: Bragi Olafsson

OMG, there are so many famous people in Reykjavík! And we are seeing all of them! Or, at least, some of them. But I am especially pleased about our recent sighting, at the Haugkaup in the Kringlan Mall. While I was returning a HDMI cable that will definitely not work with our analog TV set (I had been optimistic that I could hook it up to the DVD player that is in the apartment…), Mark whispered to me that a few people behind us was a man who looked an awful lot like Bragi Ólafsson. And he was right. Because not only did this man look like Bragi–he was actually Bragi (!). And it was very exciting for us.

I would like this to be exciting for you, too, though, so let me give you a mini-bio. The music fans among you may know Bragi as the bassist for the band The Sugarcubes, which was an excellent band and also an early vehicle for the vocal stylings of Björk.

More recently, however, Bragi has gained recognition as a novelist. Twice nominated for the Icelandic Literature Prize, Bragi has currently had two books translated into English (published by Open Letter Books), both of which are really fantastic: The Pets and The Ambassador (follow links for reviews I wrote of each).

I would highly encourage any and all of you to go read either or both of the books above. They are wonderful. In the meantime, however, here’s a Sugarcubes song to take us into Sunday…


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