Sartorial Vocab

Since I have been remiss with my daily vocab lately, here are a handful of Icelandic words for the fashion-inclined:

  • gallabuxur— blue jeans
  • sokkabuxur— pantyhose, tights
    • I love this one, as it is a compound word formed from ‘socks’ + ‘pants’ which is so delightfully, literally accurate
  • röndóttur — striped
  • bolur — T-shirt
  • leðurjakki — leather jacket
  • peysa — sweater
  • derhúfa — literally, a deerstalker (like Sherlock!), but also, and probably more often, a ‘visored cap’ or baseball hat
  • æfingagalli— track suit
    • another nice combination: ‘training’ and ‘overalls’

Nice combination of clothing items, yes? They were almost all used in the first chapter of my reading homework (from the book Þad var Skræpa), in which–so far–two little boys (dressed like mini-carpenters) start building a pigeon coop, but won’t let another little boy (dressed in a track suit) join them.


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