“We’re Looking for Icelandic Speakers”

Quotable in Iceland

“I’ve been studying Icelandic for a few years and can speak it fluently, and I’ve already got a Master’s. I want to get the B.A. [in Icelandic as a Second Language] so that I’ll be able to get a job here when I get married. I’ve tried applying for jobs here, but haven’t had any luck. At one place, I submitted both my C.V. and cover letter written completely in Icelandic and I got a rejection email back saying, ‘Sorry, we can’t hire you, we’re looking for Icelandic speakers.’”

-Fellow Student met at the Orientation for International Students-

It bears noting that this man was a professional translator for and spoke *eight* languages fluently–his most recent, he said, was Estonian. He had been sent to learn Icelandic for work a few years ago, and did so. He also had an Icelandic partner.
So I’m pretty sure he wasn’t kidding when he said he was fluent in the language.


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