Local Celebrity Sighting

I’ve held open doors for the likes of Harvey Keitel (at BAM, heading into a play), Annie Hathaway (my bff, as she was leaving an NYU building, dressed in adorable white capelette), and now…

Kjartan Halldórsson, the Sea Baron.

Having previously made very efficient use of the neighborhood Bónus, we had our first ‘sit-down’ dinner out last night at Sægreifinn, a seaside fish shack serving delicious lobster soup and daily-caught fish skewers. I held the door to the covered porch open for a waitress who was taking food out (yes, there’s outdoor eating in Reykjavík), and in came this guy behind her. It took me a moment to recognize him, but a glance at the wall reminded me:

That’s him, proudly holding a package of fish jerky, I believe. I’m pretty sure it’s based on a photograph of him proudly holding a giant machete-type knife. (They sell postcards of the photo in the shop usually, but I couldn’t find the image online.)

My first local ‘celebrity’ sighting since moving here! No sign of Björk yet.

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