Our First Earthquake and We Missed It?

I’ll get back to the day-to-day details shortly, but couldn’t resist posting about the great act of nature that we somehow missed this morning:

via IceNews, this afternoon:

4.6-magnitude quake hits
Reykjanes peninsula near Reykjavík

A 4.6-magnitude earthquake hit Reykjanes peninsula today at noon (11:59)…

Although shakes in the area are relatively frequent, today’s earthquake was significantly stronger than those usually recorded, and no unusual seismic activity was reported earlier, says geophysicist at the Icelandic Met Office.

The earthquake was clearly felt across Reykjavík and the capital area, as well as in the South-west of Iceland near Selfoss, causing no damage.

Huh. Well, this morning around 11:00, we got on a bus (and then transferred to another one) to get to Kopavogur (a suburb of Reykjavik) so we could have our ID photos taken because the machine at the Directorate of Immigration has been broken for a week now. We encountered the first Icelander I’ve met who doesn’t speak English and aneurisms and hilarity (but ultimately success) ensued. However, in the midst of that, there was an earthquake, and we totally missed it. So that’s interesting…


One thought on “Our First Earthquake and We Missed It?

  1. Seems like islands are at the mercy of earthquakes or hurricanes, or something, same thing in the USVI. They don’t notice them much there, either, because they are so frequent.
    Wish we had an airline like Icelandic… what luxury and convenience! Plus you’re electric supply and the economy in general is good despite past setbacks.

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