Existential Conjugations

Today’s Icelandic Online lesson involved the conjugation of the verb að deyja:

deyja v

1. (andast) die
2. (sofna af víni) pass out (from drink)
3. (um eld) go out
The exercises ask you to conjugate the verb in the context of a sentence and then answer a series of yes/no questions. Observe:
Let me do a little translation for you. (Or attempt to, at least.)
að deyja:
1. I go out OR pass out every weekend.
2. You (finally?) go out OR pass out OR die.
3. He dies of love.
4. We pass out OR die from heat(stroke?).
5. They die from the cold.
6. They never die.
Right or Wrong?
Children are born.
Old people die.
Saturday is after Friday.
In each week there are nine days.
In each year there are twelve months.
So there you have it. A little existential reckoning mixed in with your grammar lesson. People are born. Everyone dies. And Saturday comes after Friday.
Thank you, Iceland(ic Online).

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