Vocab in Action: Húsnæðislaus

Við erum húsnæðislaus: we need a place to live.

I believe this industrious little mouse is an architect. Solution to the housing crisis right here.

This vocab word came up in the course of my Icelandic lessons today. I was pleased not only because it’s another example of an Icelandic word that succinctly encapsulates a whole state of being or concept (other good examples: umhverfisvænn: environmentally friendly; aðfaranótt: the night before), but also because it’s relevant to my own current state of affairs. (We’re slowly but surely moving up the university housing waitlist, though–number 46 as of today! Out of how many, for how many available apartments? Who knows!? But progress, all the same.)

I’m still working on declining adjectives, so I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a different ending on ‘húsnæðislaus’ in that example sentence, but I think that’s right. Vocab in action!

(It’s worth noting that this word does not just mean “homeless,” (vegalaus) as far as I can tell, but seems to represent its own discreet concept.)

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