On Recognized Relationship Statuses: Sambuð

Mark and I have been doing a lot of paperwork these days, particularly to prepare our residence permit applications. For various reasons, these have to be submitted separately. However, I was delighted to see the range of options that are recognized by the Directorate of Immigration in response to the typical “marital status” question:

(Click to enlarge.)

I’ve been filling out a lot of forms over the last year, and can tell you that “cohabitation” doesn’t generally rank among the status options. A typical governmental form seems to offer the options of “single,” “married,” “divorced,” and sometimes, happily, “domestic partnership.” (I recently filled out a form that also included “engaged.”) I’m not sure why it would matter more to an official agency that I am divorced than it would that I have been living with the same person for multiple years, but it does, apparently.

So thank you, Iceland, for recognizing committed, but non-legally binding partnerships as being of worthy of your recognition.

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